Why us

Smokco is a wholesale smoking accessories supplier. We specialize in rolling papers, grinders, rolling trays, torches, and many other smoking accessories accepting a variety of custom, white label projects. Our goal is providing the highest level of customer service along with the latest, most innovative smoking products at the best prices.

#3 Smoking Device & Accessory Manufacturer, Distributor & Wholesaler since 2013.

"With smokco, you gain the power to establish a reliable connection with the entire head shop supply chain, including smoking devices and accessories in China, all while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Simply submit an inquiry, connect with a dedicated Customer Service Representative, and you're ready to go!"

The Support of custom wholesale head shop merchandise from smokco

smokeco appreciates the benefit of having access to the best and most essential tools in the smoke shop world. However, we also know it's hard to find one reliable head shop supplier that can provide everything needed to succeed and to do so consistently. Our focus is on becoming the most reliable source for smoke shops to purchase wholesale smoking products regularly. We value the meaningful partnerships we have cultivated over the years with our vendors and industry partners. As our sector endlessly evolves, we will also continue to recalibrate our compass and set the pace for what's to come.

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Online Retailers

Smokco offers comprehensive OEM/ODM services tailored to the unique needs of online retailers. Such as: Amazon, shopify...


Bulk Purchase Discounts: Smokco offers bulk purchase discounts to wholesalers, allowing you to acquire inventory at a lower cost.

Local Head Shop

Expert Advice and Support: Smokco not only provides products but also offers industry insights and advice to help shop owners better operate their businesses.

China Wholesale Head Shop Smoking Accessories Supplier

As a professional smoking accessories manufacturer, smokco is your go-to place if you are looking for custom cheap smoking accessories in bulk. We offer various installation methods and different insulating mediums for your custom smoking accessories.

Different Sourcing Way

At smoking paraphernalia wholesale distributor , we are proud also a sourcing company of everything you need for your retail business. Impress your customers with the hottest products, awesome inventory with not just smoking accessories products.

Our Mission

Our products are always manufactured to the highest industry standards, with "Quality", "Best smoke shop wholesale distributors" and "Customer Satisfaction" our top priority.

Quality Control

We attach great importance to strict control of product quality and strict control of production costs. To meet your requirements, customized cigar accessories products have CE, REACH, FCC, FDL...etc certification.

About Us

Smokco is a B2B website that has a copyright that belongs to Supplyia China sourcing company Co, Ltd. The company is a specialist in sourcing Cigar accessories and smoking accessories products in China, not only factory products vendors, but there are also hundreds of different products.

Different Custom Way

You can also choose your head shop products based on your preference. As a reliable China online head shop items wholesale distributors, we excels at providing custom-built smoking accessories solutions to cater to your specific needs and requirements. Backing up with our solid head shop suppliers supply chain system and production capability, we are capable of manufacturing and sourcing your required wholesale cannabis smoking accessories once and for all.

Product Catalog

Deal with the manufacturer of smoking, cigar accessories wholesale direct in custom, producing, designing of cigar ashtray, lighters, cigar cutter, humidor, tubes, cigarette cases, cigar accessories gift sets and OEM/ODM services.

Custom History

Experience producing and custom smoking accessories stuff, cigar accessories supplies for more than 10 years to be one of the major smoking wholesale, vendor, and suppliers in China.

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Smoke Shop Online Wholesale Supply from China Supplier

"Smokco: Your Premier Partner for Smoking Accessories - Quality, Reliability, and Customer Satisfaction"

Top 10 Global Market Player

As one of the prominent players in the smoking accessories.

10+ Years on the Market

Over the past 10 years, we have been committed to shaping the new way of sourcing smoking accessories products from China

500+ Partner Supplier Network

We established a stable connection with over 500 verified head shop manufacturers in this industry to meet any of your tailed needs.

Customer support & Service

Our lovely Sales Rep. Team will always be there to help you save time, lower cost and boost your satisfaction.

Efficient Logistics Network

We have established an efficient logistics network to ensure swift and reliable delivery of your orders. Moreover, we offer flexible logistics options to cater to your diverse needs.

After-sales Support

We provide exceptional after-sales support to ensure your satisfaction throughout the purchasing and usage process. We are committed to nurturing long-term partnerships, prioritizing your satisfaction at all times.

Embracing Sustainability, Leading the Change

Why us
Why us

Biodegradable materials

Biodegradable smoking accessories are made from natural, sustainable materials like bamboo, corn husks, and avocado pits. When disposed of properly, they do not harm the environment.

Smokco Eco-Friendly

"At Smokco Group, we firmly embrace the idea that sustainability and innovation are intertwined. We are dedicated to advancing positive change in the industry and safeguarding our planet for generations to come by creating and advocating for biodegradable smoking accessories. ''

Shaping a Greener Tomorrow

Our customers can have confidence in the fact that our products not only fulfill their smoking requirements but also play a part in building a more sustainable future. We invite you to be a part of this thrilling endeavor toward a greener and cleaner smoking accessories industry. Together, we have the power to effect change.

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Wholesale smoke shop & headshop supplier

Smokco has been in the industry for more than 10 years, and we can guarantee the quality of our products. As your reliable China smoking accessories manufacturer, we have a steady supply of price even during peak periods and we connect with trusted logistics companies to provide you with versatile delivery methods.

Why choose smokco?

First and foremost, we’re a smoking accessories company. Our focus is to provide wholesale smoking products and other products that head shops want to buy. All of our items are well tested and are of the highest quality. We vet our manufacturers, making sure that they always have our customers – and in turn your customers –best smoking and vaping experiences in mind. Experience producing and custom wholesale head shop smoking accessories stuff, cigar accessories supplies for more than 10 years to be one of the major wholesale head shop supplies in China.

Online wholesale smoke shop supplies

Our real-world creative products or outcomes are the most important criteria of the best China wholesale head shop distributors. If you’re a retail outlet looking for a new bulk smoking accessories partner to help fill your smoke shop with the latest and greatest items on the market, we can help. We have the largest variety of wholesale smoking products on the market. Due to exclusive supplier relationships and a wide variety of inventory, we are able to offer very competitive pricing. We also offer exclusive limited edition head shop merchandise in cheap pricing for all types of accessories. If you’re a gas station, smoke shop, dispensary, and/or online retailer looking to purchase products ranging from rolling paper to glass, or everything in between, please contact us.

Wide range of wholesale products

We like to think that we have something for everyone and that you will find the products that you’re looking for that meet your customer’s needs. We also have enough smoke shop inventory wholesale and order capacity to make sure that we can keep your head shop full and your customers happy! Our business attained international certifications, including, ISO9001, and ISO14001. We commit to surpassing our clients' expectations and make thorough quality control in the raw materials and parts for manufacturing the smoking components before manufacturing. We also perform a series of mechanical tests before packaging. Our company is well known in China and in some parts of the world due to our quality’ s durability and longevity.


We manufacture head shop online wholesale products with automated equipment and promote sustainable production, including the use of eco-friendly laser printing, which reduces production waste and the cost of products.