Nov 30, 2022

What Are The Best Bong Brands ? -The 20 Top Bong Brands

Let’s take a look at the best bong brands of 2023. It’s been a really tough year for many glass companies, but this year these brands really stood out with their new designs and mass production. When it comes to buying a good bong, it has to be thick, perfectly welded and beautifully shaped.

Without further delay, here are the best glass bong brands.



20 Best Bong Brands


1. Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass offers high-quality, precision-cut glass with diamond clarity.

Based in Southern California, diamond glass bong uses American manufacturing and American glass blowers to create beautiful pipes and tapping devices, as shown in the photo above.

Diamond’s craftsmanship is top-notch and sure to impress as they strive to perfect the latest in smoking technology. Diamond Glass has been creating new and innovative smoking guns with the goal of becoming the most reliable smoking gun brand in the world, surpassing any other brand.

Each bong is made of thick, crystal clear glass with the easily recognizable “Diamond” logo, and is guaranteed to last. For the best glass bong at the best price, look to Diamond Glass.


2. Maverick Glass MAV glass bong brands

For 18 years, Maverick Glass has been a top bong brand and a pioneer in the glass industry for blowing functional and beautiful glass.

Maverick Glass specializes in creating the best bongs with impeccable functionality. Based in sunny Los Angeles, California, beaker bongs and rigs are made from 100% American glass to highlight the quality of their products.

Maverick Glass designs a variety of styles of pipes that offer the perfect combination of efficiency and beauty. Maverick Glass likes to balance creativity and performance, which isn’t always easy to find.

Maverick’s pipes, such as the inline to 9-arm water pipes, combine innovation and craftsmanship, each one carefully crafted to fully satisfy the needs of the smoker. These are the best bongs that combine innovation and beauty.


3. Probe Glass

Bougie glass was founded in North Carolina and has a long history of producing rigs and bongs at affordable prices. Most of Bougie’s products are priced under $100 and won’t break the bank, but don’t get it twisted, the glass and features can still compete with the best of them.

Bong guns like the nozzle tap unit above offer quality percs and thick borosilicate glass.

Each bong is carefully crafted and every inch of the bong, including the bowl, will only help you get the most bang for your buck.


4. Empire Glassworks Bong 

Empire Glassworks, located in Placentia, California, has quickly earned a reputation for its glassware, and has done so in just five years.

Although Empire Glassworks is a relatively new company, it has decades of experience in making beautiful handcrafted glassware. Not only does Empire have stunning smoking guns like the subsea oil rig shown above, they also make glass accessories that perfectly match any setup.

This is the perfect smoking gun for marine enthusiasts as it comes in a variety of vibrant colors and creatures. Their experience, attention to detail and their unique and creative approach to glassware making has made Empire Glassworks one of the most popular and highly rated glass companies around.

In creating these accessories, Empire Glassworks utilizes skilled glass blowers to perform specific glass blowing processes using a torch flame known as the “lamp process”. In terms of materials, Empire uses only the finest materials, combining innovation and technology to create these stunning pieces.


5. Mothership Glass

Combining creativity, function and science, each Mothership Smoker is carefully crafted using the finest borosilicate glass and the finest American-made colors.

Because of its quality and attention to detail, Mothership is one of the best bong brands on the list. Mothership checks every inch of the bong to make sure it works as well as possible.


6. Smokco

As a China smoking accessories wholesale supplier, Smokco is a very consistent company that provides high quality best bongs brands after year. They have been in the top 10 year after year with many classic designs. If you looking best bong brands affordable, you can buy from

7. Eyce

EYCE is definitely the top brand of silicone vapes. Their product line includes premium silicone that looks great and is built to last.

8. AFM Glass

AFM glass brand is one of the best bongs brands.

9. Hvy Glass

HVY Glass has been a top bong brand for many years and was one of the first name brand vape guns.

They produce thick, whimsical designs with an old-fashioned, vintage style.

10. Bear Mountain Studio

Best glass brand is one of the best bong brands.

11. Iradelph Glass

There’s a good reason for lladelph’s popularity, their pipes have amazing design and incredible functionality. Based on the “City of Brotherly Love,” Illadelph has embraced the Philadelphian lifestyle and offers a quality smoking gun.

Founded in 2002, Illadelph brings function to art whenever Illadelph’s artists hand-blow their scientific glass bongs. They have many different types of bongs, all of which have a variety of characteristics and features that keep Illadelph at the forefront of the ever-changing glass industry.

They oppose all new fashions and develop their timeless innovations. One of these genius innovations from Illadelph is the glycerin coil. These coils are designed to be placed in the refrigerator to help you get the coldest hit possible.

Many of their glass bongs include this feature, including the bong shown above. Illadelph is a reliable brand that consistently delivers an outstanding consumer experience.

12. Roof Glass

From Germany, RooR combines experience and knowledge to create a first-class smoking experience. The name “RooR” comes from its similarity to the German word for pipe, “Rohr”.

Their pipes are available in a variety of styles, such as straight pipes and beakers, and are made of durable German Schott glass. RooR is constantly looking for further innovations and updated versions of their products, allowing consumers to fully embrace the culture of smoking and find a great product at a great price.

RooR is well known in the pipe industry for its attention to detail, its pursuit of perfection, and the high quality components used in the construction of its glass pipes.

Most importantly, RooR is committed to their philosophy. They want consumers to understand smoking as a culture, not just a way to consume.

This has encouraged them to persevere time and time again in researching new and innovative ties. From ice chutes to diffusers, RooR has been a pioneer of original products since its inception. Roor has even won the High Times Cup four times!

Their success in this competition proves that RooR remains one of the most relevant and cutting-edge vape brands in the industry each year.

13. AMG Glass

AMG stands for American Made Glass, always. All of their bongs and rigs are made in the USA from thick borosilicate glass.

AMG doesn’t forget the function and design of their water pipes. Smoking guns like the Rocket Ship water pipe are just one example of the craftsmanship of these straight pipes. You’ll explore your mind when you use this Rocket Ship water pipe from AMG Glass.

It has a dual retriever and a dual perc system to give you a smooth, clean hit every time. For the best smoking bomb experience, check out AMG!

14. Casual Glass

Stylish and sturdy, Leisure Glass is a handcrafted product blown out of Southern California. Known for their unique body designs, Leisure often blows glass to make it neat and symmetrical.

Their stunning oil rigs have become icons of the centralized user community. They are also known for their beautiful colors and unique features.

15. Steering Glass

Swerve is a glass manufacturing company based in Southern California. They are known for offering the latest styles and designs at incredible prices.

Glob Squad consistently delivers high quality and thick glass and the coolest designs. Each piece is unique and efficient, the high quality glass protects the rig and percs perfectly to filter and cool the fumes.

16. Zobel Glass

This hose features Zob’s exclusive Zobello percolator and UFO flat disc percolator. Zob is based in sunny California, and they offer a huge variety of bongs, rigs, bubblers and more!

Their pieces are made from premium German borosilicate glass and they offer a large selection of impressive percs, including inline, UFO design and tree percs, as well as their unique Zobello style filters.

Whether you’re in the market for a new Bong or Dab Rig, or just need a replacement downstem for your current piece, Zob Glass is sure to meet your needs. That’s why Zob is one of the top vape brands.

17. Snoopy Dog Pound

It’s the MUTHAF of D-O-GG SNOOP DOGG ***! Pounds is the latest glass line from iconic entrepreneur Snoop Dogg. The Pounds line has been released with an outstanding line of hand-blown borosilicate glass bongs and bubblers, such as the Rocketship bong shown above.

These high quality borosilicate glass pieces all have a spacecraft themed name. The unique look and quality construction of each piece is very distinctive and points out the attention to detail that has gone into each piece.

Snoop Dogg definitely takes things seriously and these bongs and bubblers are a reflection of that.

18. Waxgirl

Since 2016, Waxmaid has been a patent-pending brand that designs and sells high-quality smoking products.

Waxmaid specializes in quality silicone products and now holds about 80% of the global market share for silicone smoking products, creating durable bongs and accessories like the ones you see in waxmaid silicone flare bongs.

Because Waxmaid is one of the few companies in the industry, it is quickly gaining popularity as one of the best bong companies in the industry.


19. Mathematix Glass

Mathematix is an American glass company based in Los Angeles, California. Mathematix offers a range of glass products for everyone from beginners to glass enthusiasts, from simple beakers and glass pipes to elaborate art-themed pipes and bongs.

Rather than focusing on one specific style of glass, Mathematix offers pipes, bongs, rigs, and more with a variety of glass blowing techniques and designs.


20. Toro Glass

Toro Glass has been a good high-end bong brands for a long time. With thick borosilicate glass and quality top-quality percolators used to make each bong, it’s no wonder these bongs sell out quickly. Every detail of Toro Glass is what makes these products a best seller and a must-have for anyone who values quality bongs.

Staying on top year after year takes a lot of work, and many glass companies simply fall or disappear. Some of the best glass bong brands can learn to adapt to the times and innovate their glass, while others go out of business.


best bong brandsWhether you are new to smoking or a veteran, finding best brand bongs can be a daunting task. When you look for a bong, you want to find one that combines innovation, reliability and offers the best features, whether you prefer floral, waxy or both.

A good bong needs to be made of quality glass, provide you with sturdy and reliable parts that can withstand any sesh, and you need one that offers the best crack and cool and tasty hit, and every good bong brand has the “it” factor that makes it stand out.


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