TZN0070 Smoking Accessories Bundle Products

smoking accessories bundle

What is Smoking Accessories Bundle product?       A “Smoking Accessories Bundle” typically refers to a collection of items designed for smokers or cannabis enthusiasts. These bundles often include various accessories that enhance the smoking experience, such as: Glassware: This might include pipes, bongs, dab rigs, or other types of smoking devices made from … Read more

S240220 Gatling Gun Smoke Thrower

Gatling Gun Smoke Thrower

Introducing the smokco® Gatling Gun Smoke Thrower Pro Max, the cutting-edge Weed Smoke Blower Gun of the 3rd Generation.     Enhanced Features: Water Filtration: With the addition of a water filter, experience smoke that is softer and gentler compared to the 2nd generation smoke thrower. Improved Performance: Enjoy stronger and smoother smoke output for … Read more

A0034 Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine Supplier

Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

Weight: 1.4kg     Where to Buy Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine? You can purchase electric cigarette rolling machines from various sources, both online and offline. Here are some popular options: Online Retailers: Amazon eBay Walmart Best Buy Alibaba Specialized Vape Shops: Local or online stores that specialize in vaping and smoking accessories often carry electric … Read more

T-041CH Hookah Charcoal Holder Basket

hookah charcoal holder basket

Hookah Charcoal Holder Basket Product name: Hookah carbon barrier + windshield Product height: 10cm Product diameter: 8cm Product weight: 206 grams Product packing quantity: 50 pieces/carton QTY: 50/box Box size: 46x46x24cm Gross weight: 11.5KG  

S-JL-398J grinder cone roller

cone roller grinder

This plastic manual cigarette grinder is a great way to save money and time by rolling your own cigarettes. The grinder is made of high-quality plastic and is easy to use. Simply place your tobacco in the grinder and turn the handle to grind it into a fine powder. The grinder also comes with a … Read more

3000+ Disposable Puffs Wholesale

puffs wholesale

☑ 0% 2% 3% 5% Nicotine
☑ Puffs:6000
☑ Capacity:7+7 ml
☑ 240 pcs per carton
☑16 flavors available
☑ 750mah Rechargeable
☑ Mesh Coil
☑240pcs in a carton.
☑ each carton 18 kg
☑ carton size: 48*42*22 CM

China e-cigarette wholesale supplier

e-cigarette supplier

☑0% 2% 3% 5% Nicotine
☑ Puffs:10000
☑ Capacity:20ml
☑ 200 pcs per carton
☑ 14 flavors available
☑ 850mah Rechargeable 18300
☑ Mesh Coil 1.0Ω
☑ 200pcs in a carton.
☑ each carton 20 kg

S-CXYG Magnetic Metal Hookah Pot Head

metal hookah pot

14mm aluminum alloy smoking pot, magnetic smoking bowl, smoking pot accessories, Arabic shisha accessories Product name: Aluminum alloy magnetic hookah pot/wholesale hookah accessories Material: aluminum alloy Weight: about 23g Color: black, silver, pink, rose gold Packaging: single OPP bag packaging Packing: 500pcs/carton

S-HOK089 Vape Weed Blower Gun

vape weed blower gun

The most popular MP5 electric spray gun on the Internet is here! A must-have artifact for party activities! ​High-end suitcase packaging! Biodegradable large-capacity storage tank! ​The color can be customized and the logo can be customized!

S-AC642 Ice Water Pipe Mold

water pipes with ice catcher

DIY Ice Water Pipe Mold Ice catcher water pipe Weight: 176g/pcs Carton size: 79*35*46.5cm Packing: single PVC box + 6 display boxes Packing quantity: 120 pieces/piece Size: 162*73*73mm – 72mm/2.85icnhes   Get smooth, icy cold hits every time by toking up with your very own homemade ice pipe. Using this water pipe mold you’ll be … Read more

S- GL14 Wholesale stainless weed grinder

stainless herb grinder

Smokco has been focusing on the production and design factory of factory direct selling tools, factory direct selling buckets and other factory direct selling tool products for 10 years. Now our factory is looking for traders to conduct in-depth cooperation with cross-border e-commerce and provide strong support to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results! We … Read more

Custom Bongs Wholesale Supplier

luminous custom wholesale glass bong

About Chinese Bong Supplier: Our company takes pride in our ability to produce an extensive range of high-quality glass bong wholesale products. With a diverse selection of product series to choose from, we offer an exceptional array of customizable options to cater to the unique needs of our wholesale clients. Our manufacturing expertise includes crafting … Read more

SB-20231030 Custom Glass Bong Set Wholesale

Custom bong sets

Custom Bong Kits Glass bong/storage/herd grinder product bag: 22.5*18*7 Cartoon size: 49.5*45.5*37 24 per carton / 17.3kg   We provide wholesale of various glass bong set products all year round. You can customize your favorite pictures according to your own preferences with minimum order quantity. If you need custom wholesale smoking accessories, please contact us … Read more

S-12929 Custom Bong Wholesale Products

custom bongs wholesale

Product Information Product name: custom bong Brand: SMOKCO Smoking Accessories Item No.: S-12929 Material: glass plastic Weight: 291g Packaging: single PVC box Packing quantity: 60pcs   Introducing our latest cross-border, portable custom bong products from China – a customizable bong available for wholesale. This innovative glass smoking device features a detachable design for easy cleaning … Read more

RY117 Best Cheap Hookah Wholesale Online

Black wholesale hookahs cheap price from China

This low-cost but high-quality Shisha/Flavour Tobacco Hookah is selling well in the African and South American markets. If you are interested, we can provide an all-inclusive price with door-to-door tax included. The prices listed in the link do not include shipping costs. If you have your own freight forwarder in China, we can arrange delivery … Read more

S-030C blunt roller machine wholesale – 78mm acrylic manual cigarette roll adjustable 8/6mm

blunt roller machine wholesale supplier

78mm Acrylic Manual Blunt Roller Machine Wholesale 8/6mm Product name: Manual blunt roller machine wholesale Material: acrylic Product weight: 0.03kg Product size: 78mm Product color: as shown in the picture Packing quantity: 480 Box size: 35*20*60cm   Blunt Roller Machine Wholesale Supplier Smokco, a leading manufacturer specializing in the production and wholesale distribution of various … Read more

S-FA12 China glass bong wholesale – Custom Print

china cheap glass bong wholesale

Custom Wholesale Cheap China Bong: 50 diameter 320 high Water transfer printing with multiple patterns, bright Each box 10.1*10.1*33.6 65*44*35 /color box 24/per carton 9kg per carton Global shipping support     Where to Buy Wholesale China Glass Bong? You can buy custom wholesale smoking accessories on local. You can also buy glass bongs from … Read more

S-LQN0010 skull hookah – Custom wholesale smoking accessories

skull hookah

This striking skull hookah is a captivating fusion of artistry and functionality. Crafted from a durable combination of resin and stainless steel. Weight: 1000g Material: Resin+stainless steel Color: Red, blue, yellow Packing: 18 Pcs/Ctn Ctn weight: 19.5kg Ctn size: 50*38*39cm MOQ: 60 Pcs Regular lead time: 25 Days Port: Ningbo, Shanghai

S-F0015 electronic vacuum pipe

electronic vacuum pipe

Product name: electronic vacuum pipe/cookies electronic vacuum pipe/cookies electronic vacuum pipe Product material: ABS+metal Product weight: 200g Packing quantity: 60 pieces Box size: 46*44*35cm                       Electronic Vacuum Pipe Instructions: The Cookies Electronic Vacuum Pipe is a battery-powered electronic water pipe that comes with batteries. The pipe … Read more

S20230725LC stainless steel grinder – stainless steel herb grinder wholesaler

stainless steel grinder

Stainless Steel Grinder Specific  Material: stainless steel Size: 7.4*5.3cm Weight: 586g Logo: Engraving logo   “Why Choose Stainless Steel Grinders? Stainless steel grinders are modern, efficient grinding tools that add quality and sustainability to your grinding experience. Unlike traditional aluminum grinders, stainless steel grinders stand out for their exceptional features and materials. 1. Sturdy and … Read more

S-JSS0004 Flower Tower Grinder Flower Tower All in One Grinder Wholesale

Flower Tower Grinder

Flower Tower Grinder   The Flower Tower is a 3-in-1 device that can grind, pack, and store cones. It has a magnetically sealed lid and is scratch resistant. The Flower Tower is made of durable polycarbonate and has a simple tube design for storing cones.  The Flower Tower can grind, roll, and pack cones in seconds. It’s a … Read more

S-LQN0002 Weed Gun Blower Wholesale Weed Smoke Blower Gun

weed gun blower

Weed Blow Gun Description Introducing the SMOKCO Party Smoke Thrower, a weed gun blower designed to enhance the excitement of your party and elevate the smoking experience. This smoke gun, weighing in at 5 kg, offers a variety of color options including red, green, blue, and purple. It comes complete with a glass smoke pot, … Read more

S-LAZ0072 Coffee Cup Bong Shape Acrylic Mini Bong Pipe

coffee cup bongs

Product size:6*15cm Box size: 9.5*9.5cm Material: Acrylic material/Biodegradable This innovative product is cleverly concealed within the guise of an ordinary coffee cup bong, but it’s far from your typical morning brew vessel. Introducing the coffee cup bong, a groundbreaking design that seamlessly combines an unassuming everyday item with an exceptional cannabis bubbler system. Featuring a … Read more

S-D20230915 biodegradable grinder weed tray set smoking accessories wholesale supplier

Biodegradable grinder weed tray set (7)

Biodegradable grinders are made from all-natural, biodegradable materials. They are environmentally friendly and durable.  Where to buy biodegradable grinders:  Santa Cruz Shredder: Made from Hemp Bioplastic, which is durable and environmentally friendly MunchMakers: Made from all-natural, biodegradable materials ONGROK USA: A two-piece grinder made from hemp A cheap and fast option Smokco: Wholesale biodegradable custom smoking accessories supplier   … Read more