TZN0070 Smoking Accessories Bundle Products


Minimum Order Quantity:20


What is Smoking Accessories Bundle product?




A “Smoking Accessories Bundle” typically refers to a collection of items designed for smokers or cannabis enthusiasts. These bundles often include various accessories that enhance the smoking experience, such as:

  1. Glassware: This might include pipes, bongs, dab rigs, or other types of smoking devices made from glass.
  2. Grinders: These are used to grind dry herbs or tobacco into a finer consistency, making them easier to smoke.
  3. Rolling Papers: Thin sheets of paper used to roll cigarettes or joints.
  4. Lighters: Necessary for lighting smoking materials.
  5. Cleaning Tools: Brushes, pipe cleaners, or other implements to keep smoking devices clean.
  6. Storage Containers: Airtight containers or bags to store herbs or tobacco.
  7. Filters or Screens: These are often used in pipes or other smoking devices to prevent inhaling ash or debris.
  8. Ashtrays: Containers specifically designed for holding ash from smoking materials.