AC623-BG Wholesale Magnetic Scrubber for Bongs


Minimum Order Quantity:120


Keep your water pipes and glass bongs looking like new with Magnetic Scrubber for Bongs. The powerful magnetic cleaning tool makes it effortless to scrub away stains and buildup in just two simple steps. With 12 packs in each box, you’ll have plenty to keep your glassware sparkling bong clean for months to come.



Glass bong cleaning wipes, 4 colors in total, 12 packs/1 display box 1/sold

  • Material: plastic + magnet
  • Weight: 18gPacking: single plastic bag
  • Size: Plastic length is 44mmMagnet length is 20mm



  • 12 per Box
  • Glass Scrubber
  • Drop, Stick, Scrub
  • Easy & Fast
  • magnetic bong scrubber
  • bong scrubber magnet