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About Chinese Bong Supplier:

Our company takes pride in our ability to produce an extensive range of high-quality glass bong wholesale products. With a diverse selection of product series to choose from, we offer an exceptional array of customizable options to cater to the unique needs of our wholesale clients.

Our manufacturing expertise includes crafting glass bongs with various finishes, designs, and features, ensuring that we can meet the demands of a broad customer base. From the elegant patterns in our Patterned Glass Series to the eye-catching colors in the Macaron Paint Glass Series, we have the creativity and precision to produce stunning bongs that stand out in the market.

We utilize state-of-the-art techniques like vacuum plating, water transfer printing, and temperature-sensitive color changes to create bongs with exceptional visual appeal and functionality. Our commitment to quality and customization allows us to deliver wholesale products that are tailor-made to match the preferences and styles of our clients.

Whether it’s the Reflective Silver Bottom Glass Series designed for nighttime illumination or the Natural Color Series emphasizing aesthetics, our comprehensive product portfolio ensures that we can meet the requirements of our wholesale partners. With our dedication to excellence, innovation, and customization, we are the ideal choice for wholesale glass bong solutions that leave a lasting impression in the market.


Summarizing the Custom Bongs Series:

  1. Patterned Glass Series: Glass bongs with glossy patterns and optional matte finish.
  2. Glossy Painted Glass Series: Glass bongs featuring four vibrant glossy paint colors.
  3. Macaron Paint Glass Series: Glass bongs with macaron-style paint in four lively colors.
  4. Vacuum Plated Glass Series: Glass bongs with a metallic sheen from vacuum plating.
  5. Silver Bottom Pattern Glass Series: Glass bongs with customizable patterns and a radiant silver bottom.
  6. Color-Changing Glass Series: Glass bongs with four color-changing options, providing different effects from various angles.
  7. Carbon Fiber Pattern Glass Series: Glass bongs with six unique carbon fiber pattern designs.
  8. Reflective Silver Bottom Glass Series: Glass bongs with reflective silver bottom patterns for a dazzling effect under colored lighting.
  9. Temperature-Sensitive Glass Series: Glass bongs that change color based on temperature, transitioning between black and macaron colors in four base styles.
  10. Customizable Pattern and Temperature-Sensitive Glass Series: Glass bongs with customizable upper part patterns and temperature-sensitive lower parts, changing between transparent frosted and colored in response to ice water.
  11. Water Transfer Printing Series: Glass bongs with various water transfer printing designs.
  12. Glow in the Dark Series: Bongs with glow-in-the-dark elements.
  13. Textured Finish Series: Bongs with a tactile paint finish.
  14. Natural Color Series: Bongs focusing on natural color aesthetics.

These product series offer a wide range of options to meet different preferences and styles for our customers.