S-LAZ0072 Coffee Cup Bong Shape Acrylic Mini Bong Pipe


Minimum Order Quantity:180


Product size:6*15cm

Box size: 9.5*9.5cm

Material: Acrylic material/Biodegradable

This innovative product is cleverly concealed within the guise of an ordinary coffee cup bong, but it’s far from your typical morning brew vessel. Introducing the coffee cup bong, a groundbreaking design that seamlessly combines an unassuming everyday item with an exceptional cannabis bubbler system.

Featuring a ceramic flower bowl that preserves the pure taste of your herbs, it cleverly tucks away into a concealed storage compartment when not in use, ensuring portability without sacrificing the quality of your smoking experience.





Cupsy history 

You may have come across to-go coffee cups, but have you ever heard of to-go coffee bowls?

April brings with it a flurry of cannabis-related news, courtesy of the peculiar late 20th-century stoner cultural holiday, 4/20. Yes, that was just five days ago, and sometimes, in the spirit of these high-spirited holidays, one can lose track of time. So, in that spirit, I present to you—prepare to be amazed—The Reason For The Season: Cupsy, a water pipe (formerly known as a “bong”) that cleverly resembles a disposable coffee cup.

Cupsy, the ultimate coffee-themed water pipe since the Dragon, is the brainchild of Puffco (not to be confused with that other Puff, although they do seem to share a cosmic connection). Puffco, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of high-end smoking devices, presents Cupsy as a “high-performance cannabis bubbler system” that perfectly aligns with the Wake & Bake culture.

When not in use, Cupsy looks just like your ordinary coffee cup, but with a twist, a mouthpiece and a concealed ceramic bowl pop out from beneath the silicone lid with a series of delightful clicks and clacks. According to the Puffco website, Cupsy is “Gamit Pulsar calibrated” and boasts “state-of-the-art remulators.” While the jargon may not mean much to me, it certainly seems to suggest that it’s designed to deliver a potent experience. And for a visual treat, do check out this rather spot-on video.

It’s a whimsical and ingenious creation—Cupsy. I’m making a prediction right here: Cupsy is bound to become the next iconic mug that you’ll spot in specialty coffee shops. There are a few coffee brands out there whose corporate logos would look rather fitting adorning such a nifty gadget. The possibilities are limited only by your ability to recall what you were talking about just five minutes later.