S-030C blunt roller machine wholesale – 78mm acrylic manual cigarette roll adjustable 8/6mm


Minimum Order Quantity:480


78mm Acrylic Manual Blunt Roller Machine Wholesale 8/6mm

Product name: Manual blunt roller machine wholesale

Material: acrylic

Product weight: 0.03kg

Product size: 78mm

Product color: as shown in the picture

Packing quantity: 480

Box size: 35*20*60cm


Blunt Roller Machine Wholesale Supplier

Smokco, a leading manufacturer specializing in the production and wholesale distribution of various types of blunt roller machines, offers a wide range of options to cater to diverse user preferences. These machines include:



  1. Manual Blunt Roller Machine:

    • Smokco’s manual blunt roller machines provide an authentic rolling experience, allowing users to roll their blunts by hand. These devices are straightforward, portable, and budget-friendly.
  2. Semi-Automatic Blunt Roller Machine:

    • Smokco’s semi-automatic models combine manual rolling with automated features, striking a balance that appeals to many users seeking convenience without entirely relinquishing control.
  3. Fully Automatic Blunt Roller Machine:

    • For those who prefer a hands-free approach, Smokco offers fully automatic blunt roller machines. Users load their materials, and the machine takes care of the rest, ensuring consistent and effortless rolling.
  4. Electric Blunt Roller Machine:

    • Smokco’s electric blunt roller machines provide an efficient and rapid rolling experience, powered by electricity. These machines are ideal for users seeking quick and hassle-free rolling.
  5. Joint Rolling Machines:

    • Smokco manufactures joint rolling machines designed specifically for rolling joints, which are similar to blunts but typically slimmer. They are available in various manual, semi-automatic, and automatic options.
  6. Multi-Function Rolling Machines:

    • Smokco’s multi-function rolling machines are versatile, allowing users to roll both blunts and joints. These machines often come with adjustable settings to accommodate different rolling preferences.
  7. Customizable Blunt Roller Machines:

    • Some of Smokco’s machines offer customization options, enabling users to adjust settings for factors like rolling tightness and paper size, providing a tailored rolling experience.
  8. Commercial Blunt Rolling Machines:

    • Smokco also offers commercial-grade blunt rolling machines designed for high-volume production. These industrial-grade machines are ideal for businesses in the cannabis industry, such as dispensaries and manufacturing facilities.

With Smokco’s comprehensive selection of blunt roller machines, users can choose the perfect device to meet their rolling needs. Whether it’s for personal use, convenience, or commercial production, Smokco’s quality products deliver exceptional results.