S-D20230915 biodegradable grinder weed tray set smoking accessories wholesale supplier


Minimum Order Quantity: 50


Biodegradable grinders are made from all-natural, biodegradable materials. They are environmentally friendly and durable. 

Where to buy biodegradable grinders: 

  • Santa Cruz Shredder: Made from Hemp Bioplastic, which is durable and environmentally friendly
  • MunchMakers: Made from all-natural, biodegradable materials
  • ONGROK USA: A two-piece grinder made from hemp
  • Amazon.com: A cheap and fast option
  • Smokco: Wholesale biodegradable custom smoking accessories supplier


When buying a biodegradable grinder, you can consider: 

  • The manufacturer’s commitment to sustainable production
  • Whether the entire grinder can be recycled
  • Whether the material is durable
  • Whether it’s difficult to clean


Other biodegradable smoking accessories include: 

  • Filters
  • Cones
  • Grinders made from materials such as bamboo and corn husks



The advantages of Smokco Biodegradable Custom Smoking Accessories include:

1. Assistance in Obtaining Certifications: We can help you navigate the certification process, ensuring that your products meet the necessary standards and regulations.

2. Low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs): You can start customizing your products with us even with small batch orders, allowing for greater flexibility in your inventory management.

3. Extensive Operational Experience: With a wealth of experience in the industry, we bring a deep understanding of the smoking accessories market, enabling us to provide valuable insights and guidance.

4. Global Cheap Shipping: We offer cost-effective shipping options to ensure that your products can reach customers worldwide without breaking the bank, making it easier to expand your market reach.