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Power Your rolling paper wholesale business with Smokco

Equip your business with top wholesale rolling papers that respond to your needs and smoothen smoking operations at affordable costs.

Trendy and Eco-Friendly custom rolling paper wholesale distributor

Smokco was established in 2013 in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China providing custom wholesale rolling papers products and accessories. We are equipped with a complete team - technical designers, sales team, production development team, and export experts.

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You can select your custom joint papers depending on your project requirement. Simply provide us with your needed smoking accessories dimension, and we will deliver.


Our clients get to choose from various wholesale rolling papers material from China . Our team works with our reliable suppliers to source high-grade raw materials. This is to ensure we only provide the best wholesale rolling paper and accessories in the market.


We also cater to providing good packaging and logo design for your custom wholesale rolling papers orders. Putting your brand logo and use the unique design will boost your brand awareness which will draw more customers to your business.

Organic Hemp Rolling Papers Wholesale

As a professional rolling papers manufacturer, smokco is your go-to place if you are looking for a custom rolling papers in bulk.

Different Sourcing Ways

Personalized wholesale rolling papers and cigar accessories, all in one place.

Quality Control

We attach great importance to strict control of product quality and strict control of production costs. To meet your requirements, customized rolling papers according the standard.

Our Mission

Our products are always manufactured to the highest industry standards, with "Quality" and "Customer Satisfaction" our top priority.

About Us

Smokco is a B2B website that has a copyright that belongs to Supplyia China sourcing company Co, Ltd. The company is a specialist in sourcing smoking accessories in China, not only factory products vendors, but there are also hundreds of different products.

Rolling Paper Manufacturers

Smokco produces and markets Rolling Papers and Pre Rolled Cones to satisfied wholesalers globally.

Product Catalog

Deal with the manufacturer of smoking, wholesale rolling papers direct in custom, producing, designing of cigar ashtray, lighters, cigar cutter, humidor, tubes, cigarette cases, cigar accessories gift sets and OEM/ODM services.

Custom History

Experience producing and custom rolling papers stuff, cigar accessories for more than 10 years to be one of the major smoking wholesale vendor in China.

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Rolling Paper FAQ

Here are the best and what you should know before picking the best rolling papers for you

What is the highest quality rolling paper?

Who manufactures raw rolling papers?

Where are most rolling papers made?

How can you tell fake rolling papers?

How long do rolling papers stay good?

Which rolling paper is better brown or white?

The Different Types of Custom Wholesale Rolling Papers

Many our wholesale join rolling papers available today are all about safety, and many are made with various non-wood or plant fibers.

Customized fruit flavor rolling paper wholesale distributor
Customized fruit flavor rolling paper wholesale distributor

Rolling Paper Sizes

The standard rolling paper will be somewhere around 2.75 to 4.33 (70 to 110 millimeters) inches long, and the widths can vary. However, you can find everything from “slim” and “minis” to “king-sized” papers. The usual sizes include: Single wides 1 1/4-inch 1 1/2-inch Double wides Kings King slims

Flavored Rolling Papers

Mint, coconut, bubblegum, blueberry—you can find rolling papers in all kinds of flavors. Essentially, the papers are going to add another layer of flavor to your herb, and can actually yield a complementary flavor to some terpene profiles. However, proceed with caution with flavored paper; you will be inhaling the smoke and whatever burned flavor additives were used in the creation. So, synthetic flavor additives may be something to avoid for safety.

Novelty Rolling Papers

Rolling your own herb can get pretty interesting with novelty papers. From crystal clear joint papers made of plant cellulose to actual gold joint papers made of 24k gold, you can get all kinds of creative with our rolling paper endeavors. Some papers even come printed with different designs like flags, wording, or graphic images.

Bleached vs Unbleached Rolling Papers

Some rolling papers are treated with a chlorine-based agent to whiten or lighten the material and make it more white. While some people prefer this, many prefer a more “raw” paper without those chemical treatments. You can usually spot papers that are unbleached simply because they may be more tan or brown in color.

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