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Power Your Custom Bongs Wholesale with Smokco

Equip your business with long-lasting china wholesale glass bong that respond to your needs at affordable costs.

Fulfill Your Custom Wholesale Bongs Needs

We Guarantee You Marketable Tailor-made Solutions. Smokco as a reliable glass bong wholesale distributors excels at providing custom-built glass bongs solutions to cater to your specific needs and requirements. Backing up with our solid supply chain system and production capability, we are capable of manufacturing and sourcing your required bongs once and for all. Here are the features you can alter for your product design.

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You can select your glass bongs sizes depending on your project requirement. Simply provide us with your needed bongs dimension, and we will deliver.


Our clients get to choose from various bongs materials. Our team works with our reliable suppliers to source high-grade raw materials. This is to ensure we only provide the best bongs parts and accessories in the market.


We also cater to providing good packaging and logo design for your bongs wholesale orders. Putting your brand logo will boost your brand awareness which will draw more customers to your business.

Wholesale Bongs from Smokco

As a professional glass bong manufacturer, Smokco is your go-to place if you are looking for a custom wholesale bongs china in bulk. We offer various size and different material for your custom bongs supply.

Different Sourcing Ways

Personalized wholesale china glass bong, dab rigs and cigar accessories, all in one place.

Quality Control

We attach great importance to strict control of product quality and strict control of production costs. To meet your requirements, customized bongs according the standard.

Our Mission

Our products are always manufactured to the highest industry standards, with "Quality" and "Customer Satisfaction" our top priority.

About Us

Smokco is a B2B website that has a copyright that belongs to Supplyia China sourcing company Co, Ltd. The company is a specialist in sourcing smoking accessories in China, not only factory products vendors, but there are also hundreds of different products.

Different Custom Way

You can also choose your China wholesale bongs based on your preference.

Product Catalog

Deal with the manufacturer of smoking, wholesale bongs direct in custom, producing, designing of cigar ashtray, lighters, cigar cutter, humidor, tubes, cigarette cases, cigar accessories gift sets and OEM/ODM services.

Custom History

Experience producing and custom bongs stuff, cigar accessories for more than 10 years to be one of the major smoking wholesale vendor in China.

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SOSH-03 TOPPUFF Detachable Glow-in-the-Dark Glass Pipe Cap and Glass Tube Smoking Set (2 Pieces)

Our mission

Smokco is wholesale custom bongs supplier and was created to accomplish a few simple, but important goals. To modify the wholesale bongs by design to not only change up the game, but to eliminate issues based around cleanliness, glass replacement, and to open up a whole world of opportunities around modifications, modularity, and customization.

We bought a really nice printer

A couple taps of a finger, and we will make you a custom bongs wholesale order with a lasting picture of your Grandma's face printed on it. Or your dog. Any dog. Any grandma, for that matter. We don't discriminate (as long as grandma isn't infringing on any trademarks in the picture).

wholesale pipes and bongs from china

If you're like us, you like custom pieces. A sticker here, a sticker there. The thing is, stickers don't last on glass... give it a few months, and your hands will get sticky every time you pick up your piece. We thought about making better stickers for you to put on your custom smoky bongs companion, but came up with a better solution instead...

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Wholesale Custom Bongs Products at Factory Prices

Shop online for wholesale custom bongs? Smokco has a full-scale list of bongs wholesale china products at factory prices featured by verified wholesalers & manufacturers from China

Reliable Supplier Network:

The cornerstone of a thriving wholesale custom bong enterprise is securing a trustworthy supplier who offers high-quality products at competitive prices. Establishing partnerships with reputable manufacturers and wholesalers is paramount. Online platforms like Global Sources, Glass Nation, and DHgate provide a wide array of wholesale custom bongs sourced from verified suppliers spanning countries such as China, India, and Korea. This enables you to evaluate pricing and product ranges from multiple sources, facilitating the discovery of optimal deals.

Diverse Design and Customization Options:

Standing out in a competitive market requires a spectrum of design and customization alternatives. Many suppliers extend bespoke design services, allowing you to create unique bongs infused with your brand identity or personalized designs. This avenue not only differentiates you from competitors but also presents your customers with truly distinctive offerings that resonate with their preferences.

China Glass Bong

China glass bongs are bongs that are made of glass and produced in China. They have become very popular over the years due to their affordability and availability

Custom Glass Bong

The Smokco glass wholesale bong presents a collection of opulent, robust glass water pipes and bongs meticulously crafted by a group of extensively skilled master artisans hailing from Northern China's Hebei province. With a collective glassblowing experience spanning over a century, their creations embody the essence of China's vibrant history and culture, seamlessly integrated into each meticulously crafted piece. These offerings stand as remarkable and culturally rich additions to any discerning pipe collection.