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Smokco: The Best Online Wholesale Smoke Shop & Head Shop Supplier

Smokco is an international smoking supplier. 8 years focus on smoking accessories. We have strong technical strength, perfect management, and equipped with design, sales and after-sales service team. We have our own design team to keep up with fashion trends and update new designs every week.

Our products are committed to provide customers with excellent service and facilitate delivery at competitive prices. We have a standard quality control and management system to ensure our customers receive quality merchandise, and our quality controllers check the goods piece by piece before shipping.


If you’re a retail outlet looking for a new wholesale partner to help fill your smoke shop with the latest and greatest items on the market, Smokco can help. We offer wholesale pricing on our glass, vapes, and more to our selected retail partners.

First and foremost, we’re a wholesale smoking accessories in China. Our focus is to provide accessories and other products that smokers want to use. All our items are well tested and are of the highest quality. We vet our suppliers, making sure that they always have our customers – and in turn your customers –best smoking and vaping experiences in mind.


Choose from Our Wide Range of Wholesale Head Shop Products

We like to think that we have something for everyone and that you will find the wholesale head shop supplies in China that you’re looking for that meet your customer’s needs. We also have enough inventory and order capacity to make sure that we can keep your shop full and your customers happy!


Wholesale Glass

Our most popular items, both retail and wholesale, is our selection of hookah wholesale in China and China wholesale smoking accessories. China wholesale glass bong and wholesale dab rigs have seen a huge surge in popularity, and we pride ourselves on having the best-looking and best working designs on the market. Your customers will be extremely pleased with the opportunity to own one of our pieces that look great and smokes well.


Grinder and Accessories

With dabbing increasing in popularity, we’ve upped our custom weed grinder wholesale collection and are pleased to offer various styles. On the accessories side, we offer a full range of different size and orientation Chinese wholesale glass pipes, wholesale rolling paper to offer your customers at competitive prices. These are always a great addition to your smoke shop!


Vaporizers for Home and On the Go

At Smokco, we offer Chinese wholesale vaporizers in both tabletop form, as well as for those on the go in a more “pen” style. Whether you’re looking for dry flower vaporizers, batteries for vape cartridges, or more sophisticated setups for pure concentrates, we can help. Check out the variety of vape pens that we offer as well.


Apply to Be a Retail Partner Today

If you’re ready to add Smokco products to your smoke shop, simply fill out the form. We’ll evaluate your response and be in touch with any further questions we might have. If you’re a gas station, smoke shop, dispensary, or online retailer looking to purchase products ranging from rolling paper to glass, or everything in between, fill out the form now.

We have the largest variety of wholesale smoking accessories on the market. Due to exclusive supplier relationships and a wide variety of inventory, we are able to offer very competitive pricing. We also offer exclusive limited edition Smokco merchandise in wholesale pricing for all types of accessories .


We provide customer service that is second to none. We know that manufacturing abroad can be a daunting task, so we are here to make this step as efficient and seamless as possible. We have increased our focus on training our employees, including product information, to ensure that everything we do is the right thing for our customers’ needs.

Being a great partner to our customers’ smoking businesses is always one of the goals we strive for.